Store service overview

You can buy maps, spatial datasets, documents, or services for the builder in the service. When you log in with a user name, you can view your reservations, which you have created while logged in.

Products ordered from the service can be paid using electronic payment, by invoice, or in the customer service point.

Buying products

On the front page, select a product group to buy products from. You can only add products from one product group to the order.


Add a product to the shopping basket

Check the products in the shopping basket

Poista painike

Remove a product from the shopping basket

Muokkaa painike

Modify a product

Continue shopping

You can add products from the same product group to the shopping basket

Empty the shopping basket

Start ordering from the beginning

Place the order

Enter contact information, confirm, and place the order

Drawing on the map

You can point a location of the order for some products by clicking on the map or by drawing the order area. You can use the tool to draw a free-form area, a polyline, or a rectangle.

Enlarge the map by clicking and minimize it by clicking .

Use an address to find a location on the map by clicking .

Free-form area

Some products allow you to draw a free-form order area.

  1. Select the drawing tool and point the breakpoints of the area. Double-click to end drawing.
  2. If needed, enter a short description and click OK, or cancel adding an area.
  3. The area is visible in the Objects list. Modify or delete an area by clicking it in the Objects list.

Rectangle area

The order area can be a drawn rectangle for some products.

  1. Select the drawing tool and draw the area by clicking the opposite corners.
  2. Modify the area by dragging the corners.
  3. The area is shown in the Objects list. Modify or delete an area by clicking it in the Objects list. Delete an area by clicking X in the list.